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Department of Chemistry Zachariah M. Heiden Group

Heiden Group Research


We are interested solving problems in energy and catalysis, which has led to four themes that are currently being investigated in the Heiden lab.

1. Switchable catalysis: We employ fluorescent dye molecules (focused on BODIPY molecules) to generate catalysts that exhibit switchable reactivity.


2. Redox-Active Main Group Compounds: This project aims to incorporate redox character into redox-inactive Lewis acids and bases to introduce new reactivity.

3. Electron Bifurcation: This project aims at understanding the phenomena of electron bifurcation at the molecular level, using inorganic model complexes.


4. Understanding the Energetics of Catalytic Reactions: This primarily computational project investigates the thermodynamics of chemical reactions and provides insight into the energetic landscape of catalytic transformations.