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Department of Chemistry Zachariah M. Heiden Group

Lab Equipment


Schlenk Line
Vacuum Atmospheres Omni Double Glovebox with Freezer and Coldwell
White Box for Working with Phosphines
Hydrogen Line for Setting Up Hydrogenation Experiments
Innovative Technologies Solvent System (Pentane, Diethyl Ether, Dichloromethane, Acetonitrile, Toluene, Fluorobenzene, and Tetrahydrofuran)
Cary 60 UV-Visible Spectrometer
Nicolet iS5 FTIR Spectrometer
IKA Rotary Evaporator
Refrigerators/Freezers ( 4C, -13C, -22 C) for Chemical Storage and Crystallizations
Computational Resources (4 x Intel Xeon E5-4620, 2.2GHz (8-Core, HT) Processors, 128GB RAM, 6 TB scratch disk space)